Seeing IT with Ease

As you explore our site, you will quickly notice a clear split for information access and functionality with:

  • a "Public service" that focuses on IT Basics information and related functions, and
  • a "Membership service" that provides access to all information and features.

Anyone can use our freely available  and unique IT Basics information to easily gain knowledge of fundamental IT topics in a totally clutter-free way. 

To go further, a Membership gives you access to all Pro Features on our comprehensive IT information platform.

This makes Tech Job Terms a productive work tool that is pleasant to come back to every time without ads, distractions, or clutter, and that can stay that way in the long term!

Pro Features Summary

See below for details on each one!

Helpful Details for IT Basics topics

Active Subscribers have access to xyz

The "Search & highlight results" feature is available when you log in as an Active Subscriber.

Full Topic Coverage

With a focus on people who work with IT Pros, our goal is to get the main concept across with brief and easy-to-understand topic descriptions. We split these in two parts with an overview that is available to all users and extra content as a Pro Feature for many core items.

The general topic description helps any user expand their understanding of IT.

Active Subscribers enjoy additional content that goes "just a little further" so as to paint a nice "total picture" for many core items. We clarify additional aspects of a Tech Term under "Key Details" and provide helpful general context as "Extra Background".

Your recurring exposure to this expanded level of information across topics will broaden your overall understanding of IT and meaningfully help you anytime you engage with IT Pros.

It also enables you to get the most from the YouTube clips and discussions on linked web pages when you want to explore even further!

Active Subscribers have access to TWO Live Search features to quickly and visually find relevant IT topics across ALL sections:

  • one that searches with two or more letters for titles of IT Terms, and
  • another one that searches in topic content that highlights matching text in the results list and topic page.

Seach results are also immediately updated and become more precise as you type more words or letters!

This provides the MOST productive search capability for any scenario and enables a "Google-style" search approach to quickly get to any item.

The public Search Bar provides the "Search with letters" function to all users but is limited to the IT Basics category.

The "Search & highlight results" feature is available when you log in as an Active Subscriber.

Quick Topic Group Filter

Active Subscribers can use an easy Topic Filter to quickly pick an IT theme of interest and see all related items that belong to it.

When you select a tag from the dropdown, the related Tech Terms will show in the same list format as we use in regular Sections. If you are not sure what Topic Group you are looking for, you can simply type letters in the dropdown box to jump to matching options!

Whether you start with the selector or click on tags in topics to get to a Topic Group page, this feature is tremendously useful for quickly navigating IT concepts and their related items in both directions.

Extensive Cross-Linking with Tags

We provide Active Subscribers with access to the topic's Topic Group tags below the article title. An example looks like this:

When you click on a tag, you will be taken to its Topic Group page, which will look similar to the sample shown here for Business Analysis.

This enables you to easily navigate across items within the same "topic family" regardless of each topic's location.

We offer TWO unique "term boards" that enable you to visually filter topics by category and/or Topic Group tag and sort them in various ways, which is a great feature to help you understand IT more easily.

The full Term Board for Active Subscribers covers all items in the Tech Jobs and IT Terms sections. The standard Term Board provides a great preview for all users as a sample.

The Tool Wall works in the same manner where the standard view is a sample with 96 items, while the full Tool Wall covers all IT Tools items with full filtering options.

Our unique approach of making Tech Job Terms as "visual as possible" is key to making it the most engaging platform possible for IT information, and especially when compared to other sites that have little structure, or are just an A-Z glossary. Our visual Term Board and Tool Wall nicely complement:

  • the dynamic visual display of results by our Live Search tools
  • the display of highlighted search words on result pages
  • the intuitive navigation trees we have on all section pages and of course
  • the embedded Youtube videos we provide for topics.

Full Forum Access

After logging in as a Active Subscriber, you have access to all Forum functions. These include the normal ones for reading posts and responses, asking questions and navigating across forum sections and tags.

Unlike other platforms, our advanced Forums also have convenient filters to quickly locate discussions of interest by category, Post Type (e.g. Question, Problem), overall topic area and more.

Furthermore, you can also use filters within categories and tags to quickly locate forum topics and engage with others who have the same interests.

You can also subscribe to categories or threads to receive notifications of any new activity!

Empower Yourself!

Thanks for your interest in our unique platform for Decoding IT work.

We hope you will join to enjoy these powerful PRO features of Tech Job Terms!