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Browsers fp bwBrowsers provide all the functionality to retrieve and correctly display web pages from web servers. While generally not well-known to the typical user, rendering engines are "under the hood" components in browsers to handle the display functionality, so the pages will look as the web designers intended them on the user's device.

Web pages have a unique address called the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to allow access. Browsers can retrieve web pages from web servers across a network - and generally the internet - using the URL with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol using "HTTP" or "HTTPS" for the encrypted retrieval mode.

There are easily over 30 different web browsers, but major tech companies provide the leading ones. These include Edge by Microsoft, Chrome by Google, and Safari by Apple. In addition, the Mozilla Foundation provides Firefox as a free and open-source browser, which is highly popular on different operating system platforms. 

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