Presenting IT with Clarity

Tech Job Terms uses a consistent structure with Functions and Layers that align with how many IT organizations are set up. Compared to other IT information sites, our site structure is informative and intuitive!

We cover these Functions and Layers with profile summaries on this page, which itself is therefore a nice introduction to IT in general. The five main IT Functions include:

  • IT Management to direct all aspects of the IT organization and technology

  • Business Solutions Delivery to carefully implement new systems and evolve IT

  • Technology Management to manage all the details of the technology layers

  • Support Services for user support and the best security and system availability

Technology Management is further divided into 11 technology layers which we cover below in a separate section.

For all Functions and Layers, please review their summary profiles so you have a good understanding of a typical IT organization and the structure of section on our site!

IT Management


Business Solutions Delivery


Technology Management


Support Services


Technology Management Layers

We break the Technology Management Function down into Layers that each represent a key IT function. We also sort them in a way that aligns with how computer systems technically work, which helps you with understanding the bigger IT picture:

  • The core goal of Security is to ensure the best integrity of IT systems.

  • The core goal for the End User layer is to provide the best experience to system users.

  • The core goal for the Application Software layer is to provide quality IT solutions to the business.

  • The Middleware layer provides shared software functions for IT solutions.

  • The Data layer represents all the business data a company to manage and the activities to organize and understand it all.

  • Databases to provide the support for logically storing data so that IT applications can work properly.

  • The Infrastructure / Cloud layer is a set of functions that provide computing platforms to run IT solutions

  • An Operating System is the first real layer of software that runs on a computer so that all software in higher layers can work correctly.

  • Servers are computers - so hardware - that run operating systems and all other software above it.

  • Networks to connect computer systems at high speed over any distance.

  • Data Storage consists of systems to physically store computer data to save and protect it, so it is always available.

These summary profiles cover technical functions which you find in all IT organizations!