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Practical IT Information

Supporting your work with IT Pros

We created Tech Job Terms for non-technical users who need practical insights in IT topics and would also like to develop a practical understanding of IT as a whole. To accomplish this, we purposely deliver a user experience that is very different from other options you have. 

We created the site with these design goals in mind:

IT Information that Works for You:

  • Quick & Helpful – understandable information that is quick to read, and easy to find

  • Consistent & Engaging – topics are well-structured and many have YouTube clips

Next-Level IT Coverage & Navigation:

  • Focused & Easy to Use – created for one purpose with all items “Ready to Go”

  • Complete & Organized – IT coverage is comprehensive and nicely organized

A Helpful Tool for Your Job:

  • Fast & Effective – everything is designed for speed and productivity

  • Social & Pleasant – easy options to ask questions and totally junk-free

Read more below on how we deliver on these goals.

IT Information that Works for You

Unlike “general audience” sites like Wikipedia or IT information sites for IT people, we only focus on providing practical IT information for non-technical readers.

For best learning, there is great value in having a predictable and consistent topic structure. Members with access to all content have three levels of coverage for each topic:

  • Short: a brief definition of the topic’s essence
  • Medium: additional topic background you can read in just a few minutes
  • Longer: a relevant video clip (if available) that covers the topic in 5-12 minutes, typically.

We consistently use this “time-based” structure to make it easy for you to decide how far you want to go into a particular topic and in what format.


Well-Organized & Complete IT Coverage

Compared to Google, Wikipedia, ChatGPT, or other information platforms where you can look things up “one item at a time”, we save you a lot of time and hassle.

Our site has only one purpose: to provide non-technical readers with helpful IT information that expands their overall understanding of IT organizations and key IT topics. We do this with:

  • Coverage of numerous IT topics so you can quickly find what you are looking for
  • Short topic definitions, so you can easily go “wide” across many topics
  • Advanced features and filters that make it easy to zoom in and out on sets of topics
  • Practical topic organization, so that just using our site will grow your understanding of IT.

In short, our site is designed to provide you with practical IT information that works for your job!

Computer Delivery

A Helpful Tool for Your Job

Our site is purposely designed as a productive tool to help you in your work, unlike other online IT dictionaries and information sites.

We provide: 

  • Flexible Title and Content search options to quickly find any matching content
  • Easy navigation with meaningful IT categories and “Topic Groups” of related topics
  • Powerful filtering options to quickly explore just the topics you are looking for
  • Q & A support to provide Members with direct assistance for their IT questions
  • A helpful information library based on anonymized Member Q & A discussions
  • An entirely junk-free and productive user experience.

In short, our features all focus on providing helpful IT information in a way that works!

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