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Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework in web development to create responsive and mobile-first websites. In simple terms, Bootstrap is a set of pre-built components, and stylesheets developers can use to build websites quickly and easily.

These components include a complete set of navigation bars, buttons, forms, and other elements necessary for proper web design. Bootstrap also uses a responsive grid system that helps developers create layouts that adapt to different screen sizes.

One of the reasons for Bootstrap’s popularity is its ease of use. Because the framework provides pre-built components and stylesheets, developers can create responsive and mobile-first websites quickly and easily without writing a lot of custom CSS or JavaScript code.

Another reason for Bootstrap’s popularity is its cross-browser compatibility, as all modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, support it. So, by using Bootstrap, developers can build websites that look and function the same way across all major browsers.

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Bootstrap Introduction – 8 mins

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