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Making IT Real

Tech Job Terms helps users who need to have a big-picture understanding of IT with:

  • A clearly organized topic structure at every level to see where items fit and help you understand IT as a whole

  • Easy options to browse topics with Title or Word search, Topic tags and our unique Term Board and Tool Wall

  • IT information that quickly gets to the essence and makes sense to Business Professionals

  • Short YouTube clips on many essential topics for a totally visual way of taking in key IT information

  • A highly productive and distraction-free user experience so you can get the information you need for your job.

High-Productivity Information

We created Tech Job Terms for non-technical users who work with IT Pros and would like to have a broad understanding of IT as a whole. Accordingly, we provide a user experience that is very different from other options you have:

  • compared to just using Google to look things up, we save you a lot of time and hassle. Our platform covers IT topics with a consistent structure and content approach to make it easy to find what you are looking for.
  • compared to Wikipedia, we save you from "information overload". We provide easy-to-understand and brief overviews that cover the essence of each Tech Job Term and not more.
  • compared to specialized IT sites, you will not get stuck after checking out just a few topics here. We prefer "going wide" so you can develop a practical understanding of numerous IT topics.
  • compared to online IT dictionaries that mostly have just A-Z type listings, our site provides essential structural information with Sections, Function Layers, and Topic Groups.

Our approach is very supportive at every level, which is key for using our site on a regular basis as you do your work!

Focused Topic Sections

We cover the "language of IT" in three sections that cover jobs, concepts and tools. This structure makes it easy to focus on the technical level you are looking for in every situation:

  • Tech Jobs
    • We cut through jargon with practical descriptions of common jobs in IT organizations. 
    • Understanding these will help you in supporting IT projects, reviewing technical resumes / CVs, and all other aspects of your work with IT Pros.
  • IT Terms
    • We clarify common technical terms and link them back to Topic Groups for easy navigation across related topics.
    • We focus on the essence of "what" an IT Term is about and use simple language to get that across.
  • IT Tools
    • Having a base level of knowledge of widely-used technical products is key to understanding the diverse range of IT positions.
    • Our IT Tools information helps expand your ability to engage with IT Pros and speak their language.

Our site structure provides a clear "home location" for each IT term, which really helps in understanding how IT works!

Intuitive Navigation

We use four IT Functions for consistent navigation in each section and to make it easy to see the "big picture" at all times. They are at the core of all IT organizations and include:

  • IT Management
    • Focuses on making the right IT investments and delivering the best value to the business. 
    • Includes a range of processes to minimize risk and make sure IT can properly support the business at all times.
  • Business Solutions Delivery
    • Is all about figuring out what the business needs from the IT organization and then building those solutions “on time and within budget”.
    • Covers the entire track from the initial requirements analysis to closing out the project upon completion.
  • Technology Management
    • Is the core of how most people think of IT, which is the technology itself.
    • Consists of eleven layers that make up the complete technology stack.
  • Support Services
    • Assists the business and external users with any IT issues that may arise.
    • Includes Production Support in data centers, Help Desk departments to assist users and Security to manage system access.

Please check the Structure page for more details.

Flexible Levels of Detail

We have designed Tech Job Terms to provide multiple levels of detail for a wide range of key topics, so you have flexible and productive support where it matters the most. We offer:

  • Brief descriptions for every item to cover the essence of that Tech Job Term

For Core IT Concepts and as much as possible for other common items, we also provide:

  • Succinct additional context for a "full picture", as a Pro Feature

  • Helpful YouTube clips with IT experts discussing their work

These varying levels of detail and information formats for fundamental IT topics provide you with productive options for many common questions. When you are in a hurry, we have you covered! When you need to dig deeper, we can help you there too!

Helpful Embedded YouTube Clips

While text is key to describing the essence of topics, good video adds another important dimension to making IT information as accessible as possible.

We embed YouTube video clips with as much visual content as possible and with a level of detail that is helpful for our users.

Instead of working with a limited number of authors, these YouTube clips bring you a broad range of experts with diverse teaching styles. We believe that makes these IT discussions even more interesting and useful.

User-Friendly in Every Way

  • Quickly finding and reviewing IT information requires a completely junk-free experience without anything getting in the way.

    We believe that providing a TOTALLY junk-free experience is critical for a site focused on providing support for anyone who needs to have a practical understanding of IT or works with IT specialists.

    For an optimal IT learning experience, we offer Active Subscribers access to all content and easy options to get to anything fast with our PRO features!

  • We use intuitive navigation with sections for different types of Tech Terms and by Function Layer within these.

    All topics are also assigned one or more Topic Groups with tags so you can easily navigate across related topics regardless of their location!

    Anyone can benefit from our topic summaries and intuitive site organization but Active Subscribers also enjoy five PRO features for best productivity. Check them out!

  • We make Tech Job Terms as engaging as possible so you can gain insights as quickly as possible with:

    • Two intuitive "term boards" with dynamic filter and sort options
    • Multiple Live Search tools with instant visual result displays
    • Intuitive Function Layer navigation on all section pages
    • Embedded YouTube clips with helpful topic coverage.

    Active Subscribers enjoy optimal productivity with our Pro Features.

  • Tech Job Terms also provides easy-to-use Forums to discuss topics and share insights with others.

    As is normal on forums in general, any user can quickly find interesting discussions and gain IT insights with the Read Only access to all Forum topics and Search features.

    Active Subscribers can start new discussions, post replies, and also have the option to display their LinkedIn profile and expand their professional network!

  • We respect your need for Peace of Mind when you join as an Active Subscriber and thus ask for the least information necessary and use it only for site related purposes.

    For example, we will communicate with you when you create an account, when there are relevant site-related updates, when your subscription is about to expire, etc., but nothing else.

    That's what we prefer, and we think you do too!

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