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Kotlin – a Java Improvement

Kotlin is a user-friendly programming language created by JetBrains, well-known for its popular tool, IntelliJ IDEA, which helps programmers write Java code more efficiently. Going beyond the IDE to a complete programming language, they created the Kotlin language to make it simpler and more efficient to develop computer programs and applications in a Java-based context.  

Kotlin builds on Java and offers excellent benefits, according to some. According to others, Kotlin is a “looser” programming language than Java, which sounds cool but is not a real advantage.

Where Java requires programmers to write many lines of code to do something, it is simpler to get certain things done in Kotlin.  

Where Java is more literal and makes programmers spell out every little thing, Kotlin is more straightforward and more prepared to “get what you want to do”. Kotlin is also practical to adopt because developers can easily use it within the typical Java ecosystem. 

In that sense, Kotlin builds on Java and enhances it. Kotlin also works seamlessly with Java, allowing programmers to use both languages in their projects without problems.

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