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Best Desktop Browser for TJT

  • Published

    October 18, 2023

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Best Desktop Browser for TJT

Topic Type: FAQ

We recommend using Firefox over Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for browsing our Tech Job Terms site. The key reason is how each browser handles the loading of pictures, and the way that it displays the dropdown filters we use for advanced filtering of topics.

You should see what looks entirely or mostly “flicker-free” when you load a full Tech Job Terms page on your computer. On all our machines, Firefox does not flicker pictures, whereas Chrome and Edge do.

We see the same happening with the filters on the pages where these are active in the side bar. These advanced filters reload their content with each page refresh, which can cause the dropdown filter box to make a quick “crunching” movement with each page load. Firefox does not seem to do that.

Stop the Flickering!

We find such “flickering” distracting and have tried to add additional website code to minimize or avoid it. However, our results were inconsistent, as so much depends on the speed of the computer, graphics card, and browser settings for how it handles graphics. (e.g., hardware acceleration on or off)

We came to the conclusion that the best option is to raise your awareness of this issue potentially happening, so that you can determine if another browser solves the issue.

It is also entirely possible that the browser developers will solve this issue over time, so experimenting with multiple browsers to see which one works the best for the fast and flicker-free display of our content will remain a good recommendation.

At some point, we will also start using browser cache options where pictures do not have to be reloaded but can stay on your machine for re-use. This is a very normal approach, but we are still developing and adding content each week, and it works better for our team not to have this browser caching option in place.

In the big picture, we just want to let you know that we are aware of potential flickering caused by rapid page reloads and will use server options to solve this.

In the meantime, please use Firefox and Chrome to see which one works better for a fully distraction-free display experience!